Stop Fit Shaming!

The Internet was all aflutter this week with controversy about Fit Mom Maria Kang who posted a photo of herself looking toned and fit with her 3 young boys and the tag line “What’s your excuse?” Of course, the photo went viral and then the criticism started pouring in, calling her a bully and saying she was ‘fat shaming.’ She made the rounds on the talk show circuit to defend herself and explain that she wasn’t attacking anyone with her photo—she was showing off her hard work. Continue reading

Creating a New Fitness Routine

A dream that my hubby and I had devised a few years ago is finally coming to fruition: We’re moving back up to Northern California next week (true NoCal, several hours north of the Bay Area). We’re super stoked—the outdoor lifestyle has been calling us for a sometime now, especially since the arrival of the wee man last year. We want our son to grow up with trees and outdoor adventures, not freeways and video games. This also means that next May, I’ll be completing another century ride—this time the Tour of the Unknown Coast, a century ride that I’ve had on my goal spreadsheet for the last two years.
When I lived in Northern California before, I wasn’t a cyclist, so I’m not sure what the cycling scene is like up there. And since the winter is defined by rain, rain and more rain, my training will probably involve me pedaling away in the garage. This may be the time to work on improving my running technique and speed. Either way, I’ll need to create a new routine and stick to it.
How to Create a New Fitness Routine
1. Work out at different times to see what works. 
2. When you find what works, do it for 30 days to make sure the habit sticks.
3. For additional motivation, sign up for a race or other event in your area.
Moving is never easy, but it doesn’t give you an excuse to stop working out. Just adjust your routine and keep on keeping on.