Every year I’ve looked forward to this lilac blooming. The first year we were here, it didn’t really bloom. Its base was covered with weeds and it hadn’t been cut back in years, it looked like. I gave it a severe pruning and didn’t know what it was. I figured if it survived it would be stronger for it. I was surprised the following spring when I discovered it was a lilac. It’s beautiful and smells wonderful–what more do you need?

And to think, I almost cut it down


When we first moved into our house, I had grand plans to makeover the entire front of the property. Armed with a saw, my first order of business was to hack down two old, and dying, azalea shrubs. Next to one of the azaleas was a leggy green bush. I had no idea what it was. Luckily, I got busy with the back vegetable garden to go through with cutting it down. Fast-forward to the following spring when it exploded with bluish-purple color. So glad I didn’t cut it down.

I guess that’s the lesson of gardening–wait and see. If you’re not sure, wait and see. That ugly shrub could turn out to be full of beautiful flowers.