What Will You Be Remembered For?

St. Francis quote
I stumbled upon this quote while I was looking for quotes for work. In light of events from the past few weeks, this quote is especially timely.

Whenever someone passes, people begin sharing stories about the person—funny and touching anecdotes that offer a glimpse into the person’s character. This stroll down memory lane offers solace while helping us to honor the memory of the deceased. I remember my cheeks hurting from laughing so hard listening to the stories at my grandfather’s funeral. It made the mourning process easier to know that he truly lived a life full of humor and generosity, and it gave me insight into where my stubborn streak came from.

While many people go through live aspiring to have an abundance of material items, others live their lives inspiring others to be better, do more and impact the world around them. The best gauge of the quality of your life is seen in the lives of those you’ve impacted or inspired. The spirit of your life lives on in the actions of the people whose lives are better because you lived. That’s why I love this quote—it cuts through the b.s. to focus on what’s really important.

WWPCD? (What Would Prince Charles Do?)

Things are growing in the greenhouse! I’ve been transferring sprouts from the egg cartons to bigger pots. While I’ve been trying to keep track of where I replanted everything, there have been some discrepancies between the pot and the paper. So, I purchased some faux wood plastic plant labeling sticks and wrote down what is planted where.

New growth!

New growth!

Being cheap, it pained me to purchase the labeling sticks. I remember when I was a kid, my brother and I would save our Popsicle sticks so that our mom could use them to label her plants in the garden (We also used them to make skis for my Barbie dolls to enjoy some winter fun). Unfortunately, it’s winter so it’s not really the best time to be noshing on a box of Popsicles, and aside from the orange flavor, I never really liked them anyway, especially when they got the fuzzy freezer burn on the them. But, I’m sure there are people who spend money on more ridiculous things for their gardens. According to a survey from the Garden Media Group, gardeners spent a total of $29.5 billion on their gardens. That’s a lot of wood-esque plastic labeling sticks.

The perfect book for garden daydreaming.

The perfect book for garden daydreaming.

We still haven’t heard about the house we put an offer on, so until then I’ve been reading gardening books and mapping out the details of the garden I will plant. I really can’t get enough of The Elements of Organic Gardening (2007) by Prince Charles. He’s the OG organic gardener who has planned and planted some gorgeous gardens on his properties at Highgrove, Clarence House and Birkhall. This book is serious gardening porn for people who love to ogle big fancy, yet incredibly useful, gardens. He trained the branches on his apple trees to form an arch. Seriously, he has functional and aesthetically pleasing green spaces on lock!

What gardening books are you reading to inspire this year’s garden?

"No, I said the fava beans need to go over here, not the tomatoes."

“No, I said the fava beans need to go over here, not the tomatoes.”

How to Write Well (Even if You’re Not a Natural)

Writing is an intimidating process for most people. There’s a popular illusion that good writing is reserved for those people who have dedicated their educations to it. Many potentially great writers are turned off by writing because they hated English class in high school or they haven’t had the opportunity to hone their writing skills. Continue reading