Reasons to Plant Calendula

Calendula is one of the easiest flowers to grow. Throw some seeds on the ground and wait a few weeks and you’ll be well on your way to having pretty orange and yellow flowers. Or, you can harvest the seeds and save them to plant or give away.


Calendula is also an edible flower. Throw them in a salad to add color and get a healthy dose of beta-carotene and anti-oxidants.


It’s healing. Calendula has been known as a healing plant. Create a tincture to treat wounds. A calendula salve can help heal scrapes and bruises. As a tea, you can apply it to a compress to ease burns, strains or sprains, or bug bites.


Leave your plants alone and let the flowers grow and die. Deadhead to encourage more blooms, and spread the seeds to the ground. They’ll readily self-sow, giving you flowers for years.

In the Healing Garden

calendula (2)_smaller

We rely on our gardens for a lot things, and healing is one of them. Being in the garden is not only good for your mental and emotional health, the items you plant are good for your physical health. This goes deeper than fruits and vegetables–many of the herbs and flowers you grow have healing benefits. Aloe is known to sooth sunburns and is an excellent moisturizer. Lavender has proven properties of relaxation, as does chamomile. Calendula is more than a dye, it has skin soothing properties as well. The list goes on.

lavender and thyme_smallerMy youngest son has eczema and most bubble baths and lotions cause his skin to flare up an angry shade of pink. Since I’ve been making my own facial moisturizers and body bars for the past few months, I decided to make him a special bath tea and lotion as well. I feel very lucky to be able to grow many of the ingredients I use in my own garden.

So, to help others put their gardens to use for more than dinner and green smoothies, I developed a course for Skillshare that allows anyone–whether they’re living in an apartment or on a dozen acres–to grow their own healing gardens. At the end. I give students simple recipes for their own bath teas. As more people turn their hands at becoming self-sufficient, having healing herbs and flowers nearby will become even more important.

If you want to learn more, check out my class for free, while supplies last.

Cheer up your garden with a few edible flowers

Everyone needs sunflowers in their gardens.

Everyone needs sunflowers in their gardens.

Piggy-backing on last week’s post, I found a great resource on with a list of edible flowers. I’m growing borage, calendula, marigolds, nasturtiums, pansies, sunflowers, roses and violets and plan to add chrysanthemum and tulips into my garden next year. Unfortunately, I also have a lot of dandelions as well.

Calendula is a fun and colorful addition to the garden.

Calendula is a fun and colorful addition to the garden.

Add a splash of purple to your garden.

Add a splash of purple to your garden.

What will you plant in your garden?