Is Your Business’s Website Driving Customers Away?

Are people running from your web copy?

Are people running from your web copy?

Recently, the website of an acquaintance caught my attention. The acquaintance and her family are venturing into the catering business and put together a well-designed website. However, looking over the website, several things stood out to me, and not in a good way. While each page offered the ideal length of content, it was full of grammatical errors, run on sentences, missing or incorrect links, borderline libelous information and it didn’t have a call to action. Avoid their mistakes by following these five tips. Continue reading

From parking lot to multi-use development

Check out this article from Fast Company about the Thornton Place project, a development that transformed a suburban mall into a mixed-use community with housing, health facilities and retail space. Located in Seattle, this development will meet the city’s growing housing needs while leaving a gentle footprint on the surrounding ecosystem. They paved paradise, put up a parking lot and then redeveloped it into a green development.

3 Fitness Advantages of Working from Home

I’ve just begun working from home this week. In addition to saving money on gas and car maintenance (ideally), I’m hoping that I’ll be able to eat better, too. Even though I know I can always pack a lunch when I’m working from the office, it’s all too tempting to dash out during my lunch hour to grab a sandwich (after all, that salad I packed last night before bed doesn’t look nearly as appetizing the next day). Here are some advantages that I see working from home: Continue reading