Kale is not only good for you, it also looks great in the garden, too. It’s an architectural vegetable, with strong defined stems and leaves and heavy contrast between tones of green and purple.

More Roses

I can’t get enough roses in the garden. Over the weekend, my 4 year old picked out this beauty at the store and I couldn’t say no. Its bright punch of color stands out in the sea of green sprouts and established plants.

The First Rose of the Season

This bulls-eye rose is the first rose of the season. It may look pink now, but the petals will become whiter as the center turns a deep pink.


I planted this peony a few years ago when we first moved into our house. It’s never bloomed. This year, I was surprised to see not one, but two buds. Can’t remember what color it’s supposed to be, so it’ll be a surprise.

Rainy Day Shots

Another day, another storm. But this time I had my camera ready. Tulips and tulip petals in the rain.


Every year I’ve looked forward to this lilac blooming. The first year we were here, it didn’t really bloom. Its base was covered with weeds and it hadn’t been cut back in years, it looked like. I gave it a severe pruning and didn’t know what it was. I figured if it survived it would…

More Tulips

Can’t get enough of these tulips. They’re still in bloom.


Rain and rocks