I’ve been waiting for the peonies to bloom for the last couple of weeks. In past years, once the peonies begin to open up, a big storm hits (rain, high winds, the works) and the petals fall to the ground. The weather states it’ll be clear for the next few days so maybe, just maybe the flowers will stick around for longer.


My favorite part of spring is seeing all the flowers I had forgotten I planted. I saw these coming up in the same bed that I have garlic. Thanks to the huge clean out of my greenhouse, I had no idea what they were. So, I Google image searched it and came up with Geissorhiza. Who knew?

From Hips to Roses

These roses bloomed in early January, a welcome surprise in the new year. I can’t remember the name of the rose; it’s one I purchased at a grocery store. It reliably bloomed all last year. The hip is from another rose in the garden. Typically, I harvest the hips and keep them in a baggie in the freezer. When I bake or make jam, I take some out and crush them, and then add them to the recipe.