Grow Broccoli

In an effort to rely less on the produce section and more on my garden, I tried growing broccoli this year. I tried growing it from seed, but it didn’t work out for me so I bought starts from the local nursery and, boy, did they deliver. I’ve been harvesting florets from the 12 plants I purchased all summer.


Broccoli from the garden tastes different. I know, I know—that’s what everyone says. It’s true though. It’s a bit sharper than store-bought broccoli, and that’s not a bad thing. When I steam it, it’s more fragrant than store-bought broccoli. It’s nice to be able to really taste and smell the vegetables before I eat them.

Since broccoli is a cool-season crop, I can grow it all year in my temperate climate. Woohoo, broccoli for days.






If you want more garden tips, be sure to sign up for my gardening class on Skillshare.


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