Reasons to Plant Calendula

Calendula is one of the easiest flowers to grow. Throw some seeds on the ground and wait a few weeks and you’ll be well on your way to having pretty orange and yellow flowers. Or, you can harvest the seeds and save them to plant or give away.


Calendula is also an edible flower. Throw them in a salad to add color and get a healthy dose of beta-carotene and anti-oxidants.


It’s healing. Calendula has been known as a healing plant. Create a tincture to treat wounds. A calendula salve can help heal scrapes and bruises. As a tea, you can apply it to a compress to ease burns, strains or sprains, or bug bites.


Leave your plants alone and let the flowers grow and die. Deadhead to encourage more blooms, and spread the seeds to the ground. They’ll readily self-sow, giving you flowers for years.

One thought on “Reasons to Plant Calendula

  1. A fabulous plant! I need to grow more of this. I had always grown them in pots, but I think I may just put them all over my flower beds! It’s such a happy flower! Thanks for inspiring me to plant more!!!! 🙂

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