Make Your Own Essential Oil Bubble Bath

My kids love baths, so much so that it becomes a battle to get them out as they enjoy “swimming” so much. While my husband takes them to the pool to swim property, my oldest likes to practice in the tub. To each his own, right?

It’s been a struggle to find bubble bath that didn’t leave its mark on their sensitive skin. We tried kid-centric bubble bath, plain “adult” bubble bath and even the fancy stuff with French-sounding names. They all seemed to cause irritation. So, I decided to make some myself. Why not? I had already tried everything else.

Here’s the recipe I use. I found the inspiration for it online and then altered it to fit my needs. It doesn’t stay as bubbly as long as store-bought versions, but it also doesn’t cause my kiddos any skin irritation.

 bubblebath_ingredientsEasy Bubble Bath (Makes about 14 fluid ounces)

1/2 cup vegetable glycerin

1 cup castile soap

¼ cup rose hydrosol

¼ cup calendula hydrosol

1 Tbsp argan oil

Water to fill

7 or so drops of your choice of essential oils, such as lavender, mint or lemon. I like using the Simply Citrus blend from Edens Garden.


Mix all of the ingredients, except the water, together in a 14 ounce container. I reuse the glass bottle that my kombucha came in (I stick it in the dishwasher to clean it), but you can use any container you wish. Once these ingredients are in the container, fill the bottle the rest of the way with water, screw on the cap and you’re done.

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