Pruning 101


In my part of the country, now is the ideal time to prune fruit trees, roses and a host of other plants. I’m a ruthless pruner, especially with plants that are already well established in the garden or on the property.

When we first moved into our house, we inherited roses and azaleas that hadn’t been pruned in years, if not well over a decade. Our azaleas were leggy and gross looking. The roses were running wild. It was a mess! My Mom and I put on our gloves (well, I put on gloves–my Mom never wore gloves even when working with roses) and our tools (a saw and big pruning shears) and got to work hacking everything back. And I mean everything! We sawed the azaleas nearly down to the roots and gave the roses a severe haircut–think going from Crystal Gayle to Susan Powter. The severe pruning did them good-the roses are thriving and the azaleas are growing back. Sometimes your plants just need a good haircut to restore health.



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