It’s Time to Plant Your Seeds


Garden March 4 2

New growth!

So you dream of having a luscious summer garden, filled with tomatoes, squash, carrots, basil and more. You might think the time to plant your seeds is in May. Wrong! If you want to enjoy the fruits of you labor this summer (pun intended), now is the time to get cracking.

  1. Select your seeds. Spend an evening or two looking through the pages of each seed catalog you receive or go online. Dog-ear any varieties that catch your eye.
  2. Get ordering. Once you’ve picked out your seeds, go thorough again and mark the ones you know will grow. It’s okay if you want to order a few new seed varieties but make sure they’ll grow in your climate or microclimate.
  3. Consider seedlings. Some plants are just easier to grow from seedlings. For example you can grow lavender from seed but it’s much less of a headache, in my experience, to order seedlings. This is especially true if your not so good at differentiating a weed seedling in the garden from a seedling that you want.


Want to know more about planting, especially planting indoors? Sign up for my class on Skillshare: Create a Small Space Edible Garden.




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