Keep your mind on your garden and your garden on your mind

Look! Gladiolus!

Look! Gladiolus!

Photos are the best way to keep your garden alive long after all of your plants have flowered and gone to seed. And, you don’t need a fancy camera to take photos, either. Most of today’s smartphones have the capability to capture striking images that you can post to social media or upload to your favorite photo site.

3 Tips for Great Garden Photos

  1. Although shots of your entire garden have their place, I like to choose a specific subject. Going macro allows you to focus on the most striking parts of the flower. And, it allows you to get a neat shot of beneficial insects that are stopping by.
  2. Take a lot of shots. Even the world’s best photographers have to take hundreds of photos at a time in order to get one or two fantastic images. Change your focus, zoom in and out, change your angle, whatever. Get creative and see what you capture.
  3. Shoot at the right time of day. Just like aging film actors and actresses, flowers look their best in certain light, specifically in the morning and at dusk. Avoid taking photos at high noon–remember, not even supermodels look great under the harsh glare of bright daylight; chances are, your roses won’t either.

My photos are on Shutterstock, Click here to check out my latest set or here to view my portfolio.

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