A Garden Miracle!

Maybe there’s hope for the zucchini after all.
I harvested two very large zucchinis this week, giving me hope that I’ll be able to enjoy them this summer. The egg shells and organic fertilizer must have worked!

The garden this week.

The garden this week.

I’ve been harvesting from the garden more frequently. The spinach is ready to pick, as well as the lettuce that I haven’t let bolt. We have tons of sugar snap peas on the vines; although by some mystery they never seem to make it into the house. The onions appear to be ready, but I’ve been hesitant to pick them. This is my first year growing them so I’ve had to consult the books and Google to make sure that I harvest them correctly and at the right time.

What did people do in the days before Google?
Even though I have a few gardening books at my disposal, I’ve been consulting Google a lot this year for gardening tips. As a person born on the cusp of Gen X and Y, I find that it’s easier to type a question into Google and see what comes up before I think to consult the index of a book or call my mom. Actually, it’s been so long since my mother had a large garden that she often can’t remember the answer to the question I’m asking. I’ve been reading Deep-Rooted Wisdom by Jenks Farmer, a book that seeks to take gardening back to its roots, where people passed wisdom down through the generations. In many ways, passed down knowledge can be more reliable than what you read in a book, especially when it concerns native plants, how to deal with pests and what vegetables grow best in that area. But, when you don’t have the luxury of knowing this information from a local, the next best choice is Google, I guess.

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