Jam Jam Jammy Jam

Last week it rained for two full days, much to the relief of my garden and trees. It’s been so dry here recently, and although we’re in slightly better shape than most parts of California, it has been one dry year. As a result of this liquid boost, the snap peas and sunflowers are climbing and the next round of lettuce seeds has broken the surface.



But, even better are the plums that are ripe and ready to pick from the two trees on our property. The seller had told us about these trees when we were looking at the house, but as of a few weeks ago, we only saw a few green plums. This weekend, when I was moving the lawn, I looked up and saw tons of red and pink plums in the trees. I picked as many as I could from my tippy toes and plan to go back with a ladder in the next few days to get more to make plum jam.

The recipe I found in the Ball Complete Book of Home Preservation calls for plums, 5 tart apples, a lemon, water and sugar. Apparently the apples have natural pectin in them that eliminates the need to buy a separate fruit pectin. Of all the jam recipes I found, this seems like the least finicky one.

Now, if only the apples were ready so that I could make jam using only ingredients found on our property…

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