Sprouts, Sprouts Everywhere

If all else fails, we'll at least have bok choi, radishes and cucumbers.

If all else fails, we’ll at least have bok choi, radishes and cucumbers.

The best part of planting seeds is watching for the first shoots that appear. Seeing the green leaves break the surface of the soil provides a bit of relief for me, like whew, I didn’t screw up the planting part. After two weeks in the soil, so far we have sprouts of bok choi and d’avignon radishes. Additionally, I spied two sprouts of pickling cucumbers.

In addition to everything I planted two weeks ago, I’ve since planted okra, more cucumbers, Maui onions, sweet peppers, more purple haze carrots, lettuce and spinach. If all goes well, these crops will save us from having to buy them at the Co-op, which will save us some cash. We spend a lot of money on produce. After all, it takes a lot of produce to meet our green smoothie quotas for the week.

While the rest of California suffers from a debilitating drought, we’ve been getting some rain here in Northern California. We’re still nowhere near where we’re supposed to be, but hopefully we can catch up. Being in the process of buying a home has made us think a lot about rainwater harvesting. Many cities that were once opposed to the practice are encouraging its use after seeing the effects of long-term drought.

After a storm here last week, I put a bucket beneath one of our gutters to see how much rainwater I could collect (my informal feasibility study). The bucket filled up in less than an hour. Now I have tons of water for my seedlings and my nectarine and lemon trees, which are already blooming. One of the things I’m most excited about in buying a home is the opportunity to try out some of the appropriate technologies I learned about in grad school (see, that degree wasn’t a waste of money after all.)

A reminder of spring during the winter.

A reminder of spring during the winter.

I’m also excited to see the tulips I’ve been growing indoors doing so well. The tulips I planted outside have burst through the soil; I just have to make sure the cat does dig them up. The ones I have indoors have been thriving. Pinterest gave me the idea of putting the bulbs in mason jars with some rocks and water. Sure enough, roots began to form and the green shoots sprung up over the last few weeks. I’m anxious to see what color they’ll be (I can’t remember if I planted red or pink ones—next time I’ll be sure to save the bag they came in!)

3 thoughts on “Sprouts, Sprouts Everywhere

  1. That tulip idea is really cool. I want to grow seeds, but I never have any luck. They die some poor suffering death then I have to go to the plant store anyway…

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