3 Ways to Fail Awesomely

Failure. We all will deal with it at some point in our lives (and if you’ve never dealt with failure, you’re either Larry Lying-Liarface or you live in a bubble. Either way, sucks for you.). Failure is the one equalizer. We could be flying high on success and then the wall of failure appears to smash us in our tracks. For writers, failure can be anything from getting rejected by publisher after publisher to harsh critiques in a writing workshop.

“Try again.  Fail again.  Fail better. “

-Samuel Beckett

What sets the successful apart from the rest is how they deal with failure when it occurs. Here are three ways to deal with and overcome failure.

1. Put it into perspective. Okay, so you learned that this story/plot/character doesn’t work. Is this going to crush your writing career? Will you now be destined to mediocrity because this one story/book/post didn’t leave people wanting more? Will this silence your voice and urge to write? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding…NO! Rejection and failure are prices that writers pay for writing. Don’t want to deal with rejection? Don’t write.

2. Face it. Turn the criticisms and all the negativity into a positive. Assess what went wrong and what worked. Keep the good and rework the bad. It’s really that simple.

3.  Move on. Sure, successful writers may throw themselves a 5 minute pity party, but they dust off their britches and get back out there. Use it as motivation to start again, but this time even better.

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