The Best Place to Write

Writers can write anywhere, right? Some writers create their best work in front of a computer keyboard positioned on a desk in their home or office; other writers need paper, pen and the buzz of a coffee shop; still others are comfortable with their laptop or tablet on the couch or in a cozy nook of their homes. I always had a vision of creative types writing in their Moleskine books at the local coffee shop or elsewhere in public. This stereotype is accurate here on the North Coast—the coffee shops I’ve been to are full of people scribbling away in their notebooks. If you’re a creative writer, these are great places to craft character sketches; there are certainly characters poking around Eureka and Arcata any day of the week. However, if you’re a marketing writer, you have no real need to get out to the coffee shops to write, unless you really want to.

Working from home has allowed me to explore where I do my best work. The house we’re renting has this great, comfy seating nook that overlooks our backyard. However, I just couldn’t get comfortable enough to write there. I moved to the kitchen table, where bright light streams in during the afternoon. While this was a great place to write when the house is empty, it left me in the sight of my 1-year old, which made him think that it was okay to distract me with his cute little face.

So, now I’m in the office/guest room, typing on a laptop that sits on a desk we were given by friends of ours. It’s not a shabby place to write—I have two windows; one overlooks the backyard, the other overlooks the street. It’s quiet with a door that closes to keep me out of sight of curious toddlers. And I get some of my best work done here, sitting upright and typing ergonomically at my desk. Sometimes tradition isn’t always bad.

Where’s your favorite place to write? Do you notice a difference writing in different places?

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