Is There A “Best” Time of Day To Write?

Most writers swear that they write best at a certain time of day. In Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey, most writers included in the book chose the morning as the best time to write, often beginning around 8am (after breakfast) and stopping at noon. After lunch and/or a walk, many picked up where they left off and wrote for a few hours in the afternoon.  A few wrote in the evening, including writers who had traditional day jobs.
Humans are creatures of habit. Many of us write at certain times of day because that’s the only time we can squeeze in because of other commitments like a job and family. Although we may get into the habit of writing at a certain time of day, does it matter when it is? If we typically write from 9am to 11am, will our writing suddenly suck if we write from 3pm to 5pm instead?
Writing exercise:
Choose a different time to write tomorrow. Afterwards take note of how you felt. Did the writing come easily? Did you stare at the paper or screen stumped or did the words flow as usual? Did you feel more creative changing up your routine?

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