3 Ways to Combat Writer’s Block

How many times have you sat down to write and just stared at the blank screen in front of you instead? Writer’s block happens to every writer at some point. To paraphrase one of my favorite children’s songs, “Going on a Bear Hunt,” you can’t work over writer’s block and you can’t work under it; you have to work through it. 
Next time you can’t think of a thing to write, try one or more of these tricks to help you work through it.
1. Write nonsense. Many of us become so obsessed with making each sentence brilliant that we struggle to get anything down on paper. Forget that; just start writing. It doesn’t have to make sense and it doesn’t have to have anything to do with what you planned to write that day. Write about the bee buzzing in the windowsill, the sound of the wheels of your neighbor’s son’s skateboard or even write the most descriptive shopping list ever. Once you’ve warmed up, you’ll realize that you’re on-task to write what you had planned to write.
2. Go for a walk. If the words aren’t coming to you then take a break and get outside. Exercise boosts endorphins and helps you to refocus. Plus, some of your best ideas may come to you while you’re out for a stroll.
3. Read. Whether it’s a magazine, a book or an article online, reading is sure to trigger some inspiration.

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