Which Do You Prefer? Fitness for a Cause or ‘Just Because’?

Last weekend, I participated in my first virtual 10k for charity. A good friend from college is raising money to run the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in September and sweetened the deal to donate by sending race bibs and medals to everyone who donated more than $25. Although I had planned to donate anyway, the chance to participate was too good to pass up.
For me, causes are extra motivation to be active. I know I can run a 5k and ride a full century. And while improving my time provides some motivation, the drive to help other is the biggest booster. Even if you have an accountability partner to help keep you on track, when you’re running or cycling for charity, you have extra pressure to not let the whole charity down.
Raise money for a cause every time you lace up or clip in
The Charity Miles app allows you to raise money for charity every time your run, walk or bike. You simply choose a charity from the list of nonprofit organizations and start your activity. When you finish, you share your activity on your Facebook page along with a note from the corporate sponsor, who donates 25 cents per mile you run or walk and 10 cents per mile you cycle. (If you use an Android phone, be aware that they’re working on a glitch so your miles may not post to Facebook.)
Whether you’re using an app or participate in virtual or live events, exercising to raise money for others is an easy way to squeeze in fitness while doing good.

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