The Benefits and Challenges of Being Fit After 30

Is it just me or do we seem to grow rounder as we age? While we may feel more confident, our pants seem to fit a bit snugger. For many people, keeping in shape after turning 30 can be a struggle, especially after having kids, but there are some benefits to getting in shape at this time, too.
 Diet and exercise
The Challenges
  • Slower metabolism. This may be genetic or it could be a crock of poop but it seems like my metabolism has slowed down significantly since my entire pizza eating days of 17. When I look around, I see that other people around my age have this same problem. Could it be that our desk jobs are making us rounder in the middle? Perhaps it’s because we can cook or buy better, richer food? Perhaps we’re living with the delusion that we can still eat like we’re 17?
  • No time. By the time we’ve reached 30 we’ve acquired many new commitments such as a family, a mortgage, a career, etc. and we may feel that there’s not enough time to keep in shape. If that’s the case, it’s time to schedule a date with yourself to go for a run, a walk a bike ride or pump some iron.
  • No motivation. It’s so much easier to park your butt in front of the television and zone out watching the Food Network. After a day on-the-go, you’re energy is at negative levels. That’s why I suggest working out in the morning or during your lunch when your tank at least has some fuel left. That way you can zone out in front of the TV without feeling like a lazy fatass.
The Benefits
  • Better endurance. I’m better conditioned now that I was in my teens and early 20s, and can work out harder and for longer than ever.
  • Better perspective. Age and experience tend to make you see the bigger picture.
  • More honey badger! I think if I had gone to the gym in my teens and early 20s I would have agonized over what to wear—after all, it’s important to look cute. Now I pull a shirt and pants out of my bin of workout gear and do the sniff test—if someone has the time to judge me on my outfit at the gym, they’re not working out hard enough.
  • As you get older, you have less competition at races. While this may not be true for me in my 30s (I think 30-40 year old women dominate running events around these parts), I’m hoping to bring home a shiny medal or trophy for finishing at the top of my age division when I’m older, like maybe when I’m 85 (watch out!).

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