A yellow tea rose

More Sweet Peas

The Beaujolais sweet peas bloomed first, but the Butterfly sweet peas were hot on their tail.  

Herbs in the Garden

Herbs, including chocolate mint and an assortment of thyme, in the garden.  


More photos from one of the rose bushes in the garden.


Strawflowers in the garden. I planted the rest of last year’s seeds in the fall and they grew throughout the winter. They’ll bloom this year and then come back again next year; however, I’m curious if they’ll continue to bloom all year long in our mild climate.

Sweet Peas

Beaujolais sweet peas in the garden. They finally started to bloom–I planted them months ago.

Sun in the Garden

I have a collection of sun sculptures and decorations throughout the garden. What does a garden need? More sun. Here’s one hiding in the sweet peas.

Warm Shades of Flowers

This year, I’m trying to incorporate a rainbow of colors in the garden. In the past, I’ve tended toward pink and purple shades. With the assistance of my clever 4 year old, I’ve incorporated more reds, oranges and yellows. The theme for this year: eye popping color.


Hydrangeas make me think of Cape Cod and the many happy summers I spent there as a kid with my family (including sharing a backseat with two large blue hydrangeas that my mom “had to have” for a long car journey). I have two pink hydrangeas in a new section of the garden, where I’m…